Friday 9 May 2014

Did you know?

1. According to the Oxford Dictionary, the origin of the word ‘puzzle’ is a bit of a puzzle. But the verb ‘to puzzle’ seems older than the noun ‘puzzle’.
2. The oldest known puzzle is a dissection of a square mentioned by Archimedes around 250BC.
3. Archimedes asked how many solutions there were. The answer of 536 was only found in 2003.
4. Jigsaw puzzles were invented by the English mapmaker and geographer John Spilsbury in 1760.
5. A 40,000-piece jigsaw was completed by Dave Evans in April 2013, but it collapsed the next day.
6. A 1,141,800-piece puzzle was put together by 15,000 people in Ravensburg, Germany in 2008.
7. The world record for solving a Rubik’s Cube puzzle is 5.5 seconds.
8. There are 6,670,903,752,021,072,936,960 possible solutions to sudoku puzzles.
9. Arthur Wynne, inventor of the crossword, was born in Liverpool, emigrated to the US and played violin in the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra.
10. Over 15 million Professor Layton puzzles have been sold. The Prof’s first name is Hershel.

Just some super facts about puzzles. Did you also know that puzzles can make you smarter? 

Puzzles are excellent for toddlers as well because they help tune fine motor skills and build some major brain functions! 

Puzzle are amazing go do one today!

Thursday 20 June 2013

Prepare for Summer Boredom!

How are you going to beat the dreaded words "Im bored" this summer? Well prepare for your summer vacation with a brand new beautiful photo puzzle for you and your family. You can even plan for a picnic and do it outdoors because our photo puzzles are laminated and super durable. We have puzzles staring at 10.97 so you can get a new one for each month or each week of summer without spending a lot of money! 

5x7 Traditional Photo Puzzle small puzzle 6 pece 12 piece 20 piece 30 piece 110 piece 10.97 13.97Round Puzzles Put your photo on this puzzle upload small large round 16.97 cheap 21.97 round puzzles joslin photo puzzle coChallenger Puzzle Difficult puzzles great gifts 8x10 11x14 85 piece 107 piece photo puzzle jigsaw puzzle joslin photo puzzle co great quailty

Tuesday 21 May 2013

Summer Vacation Memories!

Vacation Puzzle 
Make a puzzle out of your favorite family vacation photograph OR surprise the one you love by having them put together a puzzle telling them you are going on vacation! I think this would make an amazing souvenir for sure. An awesome picture of your vacation this summer turned into a puzzle. And I know its a little early but what about a warm sunny vacation picture for Christmas? I know I would love that!

Saturday 4 May 2013

Teddy Love Puzzle!


A 62 puzzle piece heart shaped puzzle which includes 57 puzzle pieces, 5 small hearts and male and female Teddy silhouettes (10” across, 9” down. One of our newest designs and guaranteed to make anybody smile.

Teddy Bear Puzzle

Tuesday 30 April 2013

Challenger Puzzles!


A difficult but do-able personalized photo jigsaw puzzle. The pieces of the Challenger Jigsaws are handcrafted by an experienced puzzle maker utilizing their skills and imagination...

To start off with, forget about starting the puzzle with the traditional straight edge borders. Challenger Jigsaws have irregular borders which contain "Outies" (knob/tab), the penetrating puzzle piece and "Innies", the holes into which they fit.

The "inside" of the puzzle contains a conglomeration of puzzle pieces including false straight edge and corner pieces to confuse the most indulgent puzzler. Now add a confusing variety of "Outies" and "Innies" puzzle pieces that do not appear to fit together. A challenge to be sure!

 Challenger Puzzle

Thursday 18 April 2013

Traditional puzzles and more...

 5x7 Puzzle

Regular Jigsaw Puzzles are available in many sizes with varied amounts of pieces. Our puzzles are made from your favorite photo or anything printed on paper.

Mystery Puzzlemysterymovie

Email or upload your favorite photo to be converted into a personalized Mystery Photo Jigsaw Puzzle. You will be delighted with the recipient's reaction to this most original puzzling experience.

It's only a mystery to the puzzler, who has the challenge to solve the puzzle. A dark "coating" covers each of the puzzle pieces.

The puzzler must first assemble the "covered" pieces of the puzzle, forming a completely blank jigsaw puzzle. The next step is to carefully peel off the "coating" of each of the puzzle pieces. Now, piece by piece part of the image of the puzzle is exposed. Finally, the full photo is revealed and the mystery is solved.

Chocolate puzzle molds!

Produce delicious edible Chocolate Jigsaw Puzzle treats easily and inexpensively in your own kitchen.

CHOCOLATE JIGSAWS...The candy mold designed and originated by "Jigsaw Marci".

Available in rectangular and heart shape molds.

A fantastic idea to make mouth watering treats that you will enjoy "putting together" and then eating...piece by piece...

CHOCOLATE JIGSAWS is a unique, top quality FDA approved plastic candy mold. Molds are re-usable. Each style consists of a set of two molds for ease of handling.

Rectangular Mold consists of 12 separate cavities which when put together will form an 8x10 interlocking chocolate jigsaw puzzle.

Instructions and recipes included with molds. Heart Shape Mold consists of 8 separate cavities which when put together will form a heart shaped interlocking chocolate jigsaw puzzle.

Your finished CHOCOLATE JIGSAWS will be approximately 3/8" thick. The 8x10 rectangular chocolate puzzle will weigh approximately 1 1/4 lbs. with the 7 1/2" heart chocolate puzzle weighing approximately 9 oz.